ZSE – Event Video

ZSE reached out to us and asked us to do a promotional video for the first electric vehicle ultracharger, which they were planning to set up in central Slovakia. As the video was supposed to be a part of the project presentation in the European Parliament, we did no production compromises. We used 6 cameramen, 2 drones and a 3-person production crew, and combined an event video with animations. There’s various locations, electric cars, influencers… even government representatives. Not even the huge logistic complexity of coordinating a crew of 11 people, an events team and a team of government representatives discouraged us, and the video was made in time, with no shortcuts and to our and our client’s satisfaction. And yes, they showed it in Brussels.

ClientZSEAgency-ServiceEvent VideoProductionendriusDirectorDominik SzombathDOP-Year2018