Karol Kállay – Focused on Beauty Documentary

Karol Kállay is one of the extraordinary personalities of Czechoslovak photography. In addition to reportage photography, he devoted himself to fashion photography, combining staged photography with a documentary approach in his best pictures. This work is presented by art historians Lucia Almášiová and Zuzana Šidlíková, who have teamed up with Richard Kučera Guzmán to produce a publication of Kállay’s (also unpublished) projects, accompanied by the memoirs of the models with whom the artist collaborated. And endrius was there. We thus became part of this great creation, and during the almost three-quarter-long production we had the opportunity not only to look into the private archive of such an important photographer, but also to go back in time through the stories.

ClientRichie Agency-ServiceDocumentaryProductionendriusDirectorDominik SzombathDOPPavol HedmegYear2019